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MapTool Road Map

Road map for future MapTool releases.

MapTool 1.10#

Changes that are planned for MapTool 1.10 (Early October Release)

New Features / Enhancements#

Player Specific Passwords ✅
Adds a password file that allows the GMs to specify which players can connect to the server and assign them specific passwords.
More Information: Player Database
Add Public Key Authentication ✅
Allows players to connect and authenticate using a public key so that no passwords have to be stored or memorized.
More Information: Player Database
Speech and Thought bubble improvements. ✅
Add ability for the token under the mouse or impersonated tokens to override the name displayed in speech and thought bubbles. Also fixes bug where text is rendered outside of thought or speech bubble if name is long.
More Information: Token Speech Bubbles
Drawing Macro Function Improvements ✅
  • New macro function setDrawingName() to assign a name to a drawing by ID.
  • Extend findDrawings() to accept "*" for drawing name to get IDs for all drawings on map.
Re-enable js.eval ✅
Re-enable js.eval() MTScript function as which was temporarily disabled in previous version.
Additional JavaScript functionality / Enhancements ✅
  • Javascript-based UDFs
  • Support multiple Javascript Scopes
  • Add js.evalURI() function that works with lib:// URIs
FOW / Visibility performance improvements ✅
FOW / Visibility performance improvements
Add Beta/Pilot Functionality for testing out WebRTC ✅
Add Beta / Pilot functionality to test connecting via WebRTC. WebRTC allows clients to connect to the server without requiring forwarding where UPNP is not working. This functionality will be further incorporated in MapTool 1.11 or MapTool 1.12.
Ability to Access HTML/CSS/JavaScript on Lib:Tokens via URI ✅
  • Improved macro support for HTML frame/dialog/overlay creation
  • Add a way for HTML Frame/Dialogs/Overlays to fetch CSS/JS from Lib: tokens
More Information: Lib:Token URI
additional getMapName changes ✅
if a display name is selected that is a duplicate. Tooltip updated to alert the player to this behavior within Map Properties Dialog. I'm unsure if it would've updated across the other languages that don't have translations yet so I manually dropped it there as well.

Bug Fixes#

Bug Fix: Macro Hotkeys don't work if all windows are hidden. ✅
with no docked frames, even if the campaign macros are visible, the hot keys will only trigger the said macro if a 'default' maptool frame is active (active meaning that the bar at the top of the frame is blue, or current). Custom frames cannot trigger this behavior and do not cause hotkeys to function when 'active'.
Bug Fix: RESTful functions do not allow headers except when passed as literal strings ✅
When adding headers to REST.* functions, the headers must be supplied as a string to the function call. Passing a variable or the results of JSON functions causes errors.
Bug Fix: Unexpected Error when add a Bar when not using English language ✅
Adding bars was failing if the user was using a language other than English.