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MapTool Add-On Libraries and Static Data

· 2 min read

This post describes a work in progress so details may change due to feedback. This is also the reason that the documentation is a bit sparse. Before creating any issues check the bottom of the post for things still to be implemented. These features required a HUGE amount of behind the scene changes to how events, lib:tokens, and Assets work, so there will be a large amount of testing that needs to be done, I am expecting that there are still several bugs that I have not been able to uncover yet with my testing. Any help testing would be grealy appreciated.

It should go without sayind please don't run your games with this yet.

Retrieving static data from Add-Ons#

You can retrieve the static data that is zipped up in an add-on with the following macro script function.

data.getStaticData(namespace, path)

If this macro function is run from the add-on then it is able to retrieve any file that is in the add-on.

If the macro function run from ouside of the add-on then it is only able to retrieve files in the public/ directory and only if the Allow URI Access flag is set.

If the path does not exist in the add-on (or a macro tries to read a file that is not in the public/ directory when not run from the add-on) then an empty string will be returned.